Canada’s Best Rock Bands

Even though the country has never been at the centre of the rock world or golf for that matter, some of the homegrown Canadian artists have gone on to make their name on the world stage like none other. Home of the legendary rock artists such as Neil Young and Bryan Adams, Canada can never be dismissed as the smaller cousin of the States. The technology is there to prove it.

Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most amazing rock bands that have managed to etch their names in the world music history:

  • Anvil – Following the success of their first album, the band went on to become one of the major industry influencers such during the burgeoning thrash movement. Their heavy metal music was inspired by the legendary band Metallica and become a huge hit among the rock music listeners of their time.
  • Mahogany Rush – Following a Jimi Hendrix approach to music, the progressive band went on to create music that was considered as one of the greatest during the 70s era. People still call out to Frank Marino for his out of this world guitar skills.
  • Rush – Called out as the visionaries who help shape the progressive metal as we know it now, the band from Toronto was never able to hold itself still in its form. Still, they went on to create some huge ripples and were huge influencers of their time.
  • Steppenwolf – While some may argue about the American influence in Steppenwolf, this band was formed in Toronto and is known as one of the forerunners of the Canadian rock scene. Their contribution to the hard rock genre is undeniable, and hit songs such as Born to be Wild still captures people’s hearts when played in public.

Voivod – Appreciated for creating something out of the wild and inserting heavy and meaningful lyrics in their vocals, the band touched prog, death, and psych genres yet maintained a skeletal yet complex technological style that defied all conventions.