Festival Travel

Located in the eastern part of Austria, Nova Rock is an exciting rock festival that attracts visitors from all over Europe and beyond. If you are in Vienna or nearby during summer, you must join the 180,000 odd music lovers in this mass beer and music festival to make your summer a memorable one.

The Scenes at the Festival

Spread across a huge camping ground, one thing that is sure about this festival is that you will never go a moment without a beer in your hand. Be it while chilling in your tents, visiting one of the setups, or simply enjoying the live music performances, if you don’t have it, the Austrian hosts will make sure you have one in your hands.

With artists such as Rob Zombie, Wolfmother, and Infected rain setting the stage on fire, you are sure to have some good rock music to headbang to. And if you want the ultimate experience, just ride on top of the crowd and let them carry you across the barrier.

Here, you can also get a tattoo and add one more pair of black shirts to your collection at this festival as well as there is a lot of merch to check out for. Don’t miss this electrifying moment.

However, make sure that you have your amenities all packed well before the trip, and book your hotels in advance as Vienna tends to get full weeks ahead of the festival. Last-minute plans might not be the best experience for this kind of festival.