Heavy Montreal is Back

After having been forced to take a one-year break due to the overscheduled North American festival line-up, the best heavy metal festival of Canada is back in the run to create some epic music and even epic times.

With a packed line-up of legendary artists such as Avenged Sevenfold, Baroness, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Gojira, Emperor, and many more, Heavy Montreal is undoubtedly the greatest heavy music festival this side of the world.

Reasons to Love Heavy Montreal

The event organizers have managed to gather a timeline where the artist’s schedules do not clash with any other major music festivals in the continent. Under no conditions will there be any setbacks to the Great White North’s ultimate heavy music festival.

Other than the heavyweights, the band has even given a fair chance to the young guns to exhibit their skills in front of a seasoned crowd.

All this action will not be centred at a single venue in the city. It will be spread across all over the town with multiple small and big gigs happening at different corners in Montreal. At a decent amount of entry ticket, you can get to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity in the rock season of Montreal.