Wear Your Festival Tattoo

Music festivals have long been a style statement to flaunt in front of your friends. Getting merchandise, a souvenir, or a sweaty selfie with your favourite rock artist is one hell of a way to inscribe the crazy memories of the festival in your life. This could go along with that fishing tattoo you picked up during college.

But with changing times, new moms are even inscribing tatoos, people are slowly moving towards a more permanent and much-dedicated way to show their passion as well as dedication towards their love for music festivals. While bands and entry passes might never fade out of style, visitors are getting permanently inked to show their passion for music and the festival.

Here are a few music festivals that have attracted thousands of visitors every year and are getting dedicated fans who are taking the next step to prove their love for the event:

  • Coachella – One of the world’s largest music festivals attracts people from all over the globe to its gathering. It is no longer a strange thing for people to get the spaceman tattoo with a trippy background to show their dedication to the festival.
  • Tomorrowland – One of the most awaited EDM festivals on this planet is loved by all the visitors going to it. Don’t be surprised when you find the signature Tomorrowland logo on someone’s back or a smaller version on the wrist.
  • Warped Tour – The famous music festival of America might no longer be in the run but has attracted a number of dedicated fans who got themselves inked to show respect for the festival that once lit the surface of America.