Do Children Need Ear Defenders When Attending Festivals and Concerts?

If you are planning to take you kid to a festival, then they most definitely buying earbuds for canceling noise is the best choice for you. Most parents think their kids will be fine at the festival with the loud music. However, this is not the case since one risk suffering from hearing damage after just 5 minutes being at the festival.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is usually what most parents are overly concerned about. Unknown to most people, loud surrounding can cause potential permanent hearing damage in children, which is irreversible. This happens because the cilia are damaged, and it no longer passes information to the brain.

Other than that, children who are continuously exposed to a lot of background noise and loud music for long periods of time can become irritable over time.

Compared to adults, children ears are very vulnerable. Hence, it is important for them to wear hearing protection as soon as the music starts. As the name suggests, Noise Cancelling Earbuds can in handy to filter the loud music to a safe level.

These gadgets help reduce the loud noise and ensure that they get to listen to sounds at a comfortable level, without compromising their music experience.

Protecting your kids from the high noise levels at festivals is particularly important if you want them to grow up with healthy hearing.  Once you learn how your kid’s ears develop, you will make ear defenders festival essential for them. The earlier you start doing this the better.

How About Older Kids?

Okay, so it might be relatively easy to make your young children wear ear defenders, however, a lot will change once they grow up and become more socially aware. At this stage, “looking cool” is usually one of the most important things to them.

When they’re at this age, they’ll most likely be old enough to wear more fashionable and grown-up ear protection, like musician’s ear plugs and so on. There’s a lot tweens can use to protect their ears from extremely high sounds, although the noise cancelling earpieces are still options, they have available to them.

What’s Too Loud?

Hearing damage due to being exposed to loud noises for too long is cumulative and permanent. It’s important you monitor the kind of surroundings you’re exposing your child to. It’s not advised taking them to places that are too loud.

Decibels, or dB, are what’s used to measure sound. Safe sound levels vary based on how long one has been exposed to the sound. Generally, noises that are lower than 75 decibels won’t damage your child’s hearing unless they’ve been exposed to it for several hours.

In an average festival, the sound volume is usually at 100 decibels. Basically, listening to noise over 80 decibels for a long time puts you or your child at risk of hearing damage.

Wrapping Up

The growing ears of toddlers and babies are very susceptible to damage. Noise Cancelling Earbuds at a festival can help save your child’s hearing in the long run. Talk to your kid about the importance of them wearing ear defenders so they don’t feel out of place. Like they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.