Middays with Jess
Weekdays, 10am-1pm

10:45p Live Underground

Live 105 spotlights up and coming Maritime artists and features their music. Forward your bands tracks (mp3 please, less than 10MB) to liveunderground@live105.ca and let Live listeners hear your stuff. Or snail mail your demos and bio to - Attention: Neil @ Live Underground - 5527 Cogswell St. Halifax NS B3J-1R2.

Please note that when you make your submission to Live 105's Live Underground, only those selected for a feature will be contacted. When submitting your music, please ensure the file type is a high quality MP3 (less than 10MB) or you may provide streaming links to Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc. Including a short artist bio and links to your social media pages is also helpful.

Live Underground, featuring the up and coming modern rock/alternative rock talent of Atlantic Canada, week nights at 10:45pm on Live 105.