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Live Adventures - powered by Dartmouth Dodge
Sometimes, a kickass artist doesn't come to Metro. Sometimes, it's just nice to take a trip anyway. Keep listening for your chance to go on a Live Adventure - powered by Dartmouth Dodge. Anywhere, anytime, Dartmouth Dodge and Live 105 could send you on a once-in-a-lifetime excursion.

Here's where we've been:

1) Linkin Park in Toronto
2) Foo Fighters in Toronto/Montreal
3) Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH
4) Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN
5) Reading Festival in Reading, England
6) Black Keys in Montreal
7) Heavy TO in Toronto
8) Foster the People and AWOLNation in Toronto/Ottawa
9) VooDoo Festival in New Orleans
10) Red Hot Chili Peppers in Munich
11) Varadero, Cuba
12) Cayo Coco, Cuba
13) Cancun, Mexico
14) Slash in Toronto
15) Mile High Club in Halifax
16) Metric in Toronto
17) Heavy MTL in Montreal
18) Alexisonfire in Toronto
19) Muse in Toronto
20) The Lumineers in Toronto
21) fun featuring Tegan & Sara in Toronto
22) 'The Train to Osheaga' in Montreal
23) 'Live Mas Fina' with Corona and Wildlife in Hawaii
24) Nine Inch Nails in Toronto
25) Billy Talent in Montreal
Dartmouth Dodge